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calling out of office 1 with callerid from location 2 on deskphone,Calling out of another extension from desk phone


I have 2 locations and am wondering if the following is possible:

i have a coordinator working mainly out of office 1, he receives calls from office 1 and office 2. What i need to happen is if a customer from office 2 calls while he is in office 1 and he needs to call said customer back, can he use his deskphone to call out as if calling out of office 2 so that callerID is local and the same number the customer called.

If this feature does not exist can it be added.


I need to know if the following is possible:

I have 2 offices, my coordinator mainly works out of office 1, my question is if someone calls office 2 and my coordinator needs to call them back, is there anyway to call the customer back as if he is calling out of office 2 so that caller ID shows local to the customer and appears as the number they called? Ideally achieved by using the buttons on phone to select the extension he wants to call out from on his desk phone.

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When making a call from the desktop app - when you click on the number pad and you see the pop-up box, there's a small pull-down arrow next to your phone number. Clicking there will show a drop-down and you should see the company numbers:

Select your Office 2, and place the call - the number you choose will be displayed as the outgoing CID.

It's the same on the Mobile app - the little pull-down arrow is on the number pad.

Hope that helps.

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Also, you can name the phone lines under 'Phone System' - 'All Numbers' and click on the number to edit it.

If you don't change/update the name, it comes up as 'Company Number' (like above) so you could name Office 1 something that staff would be familiar with, Office 2 - etc.

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