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No direct transfer to voicemail on Yealink phones

We just set up a client with Yealink T48S model phones and when attempting to send a call direct to voicemail by pressing Transfer > *0+ext but we hear "I'm sorry. You have dialed an incorrect extension". I contacted RC support and was told this function was not available on the Yealink model phones which was also confirmed by Tier 2 and Tier 3 support. The reason given was: "The DTMF Touchtone is only working for Cisco and Polycom Phones"

Will this function ever be available to work on Yealink phones? Is there nothing that can be done to make it work? I can't imagine DTMF signaling is any different on a Yealink IP phone than any other IP phone. Please advise. This is an extremely important function and one I can't believe is not working on Yealink phones that RingCentral sells and supports for which there is even specific instructions available in the KB: Transfer a Call to Voicemail Using a Yealink Phone | RingCentral

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I would talk with your account manager - as we have T48's and our "*0+ext" blind transfers work fine.

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Did you ever resolve this? We're seeing the same issue and working around it with *0+softkey for ext but would like to be able to use the *0+ext method as well.

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