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Custom Fax Covers on new Desktop App?

I recently downloaded the new RingCentral Desktop App (for Windows) on my computer, and it looks like there is not an option to have a custom Fax Cover Sheet like there was with the previous version. Are there plans to incorporate custom fax covers soon?

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Hi Robin, this has been raised to our Product Team, but no update yet if it will be on the roadmap. Kindly add your vote here.

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Is there any status on this feature of being able to simply add a logo to a custom cover page using the RingCentral Application (not the RC Phone where it is supported already)? I submitted this as a feature request probably 2 years ago, but it has never risen to a priority for RingCentral. As a medical office that sends and receives dozens of faxes every day and where we need to have our logo and be able to indicate HIPAA guidelines for handling of the materials this is a real show stopper for us and the ONLY reason that we continue to use the RC Phone app.
I will go a step further and indicate that because we are still somewhat forcibly using the RC Phone app it has severely inhibited our company's ability to use the RingCentral Meetings/Video because you have to launch the separate RingCentral application in order to use it, and then no one know what to do at this point because they are not used to seeing this interface.
I also note that while you can add a file to a new fax from the flagship RingCentral application you cannot import directly from a scanner the way you can with the older RingCentral Phone App.
It would be welcome news to see RingCentral put this as a priority and implement this soon. It seems silly to say this as in all other ways RingCentral is a fine platform, but if we cannot utilize a simple feature like a customized fax page it may force us into considering where else we can find the feature.

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Keith Davis avatar image Keith Davis commented ·

Yea, this is a killer for us and we would not have upgraded if we had known this was not available.

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