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How to sync google calendar with events calendar in RingCentral?


I am using the free RingCentral Video Pro plan. And I would like to sync my google calendar with the events calendar in RingCentral but I cannot find how.

When I connect my google Calendar, all events in my google calendar show up as video meetings but the events calendar stays empty.

Is there a way to sync an already existing google calendar with the events calendar in RingCentral?




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Thanks for the fast answer, but it's not quite what I am looking for.

My google calendar events show up in ringCentral meetings but I would like them to show up in the events tab in RingCentral and there nothing is showing. I added a screenshot of the desktop app (I am using this in dutch)

I hope this helps to clarify what I am struggling with.




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Hi Wouter, this is not an option in the RingCentral App. Schedules will only show up in Video Meetings..

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Jeremy Braacx avatar image Jeremy Braacx mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

I would love to be able to see my Team Events from RingCentral in my Google Calendar (not vice versa). This used to be possible. Is this something that is being worked on for the new unified app?

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