OSH and Personal Connection Priority Blending

  • 28 November 2023
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Before Contact Center Spring Release 2023, OSH had a limitation with Personal Connection Priority Blended outbound skills. On the release notes, this limitation was supposedly going to be removed, but the release notes had it "On Toggle". I was unable to see any other future release notes that stated that this was deployed. Now OSH is renamed Dynamic Delivery. And with Dynamic Delivery business Unit setting, I can then configure teams or agents to be in a Static Mode. My belief is that this will allow Dynamic Delivery and Personal Connection Priority Blended skills to work properly. But I cannot find any documentation that states that definitely. The gotcha, is that converting to my knowledge, if I convert to Dynamic Delivery, and the Priority Blending skills do not work, there is no going back to Static Delivery on the Business Unit. In short, the question is, has anyone worked in an environment where Dynamic Delivery is activated on the Business Unit and Personal Connection Priority Blended skills are still functioning.

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