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Team Company Name - Can't remove members

There appears to be a Public Team that was auto-created called "Team Company Name" (where company name is the name of the company as set in main profile. It is nice in that it auto-adds/removes users as they are setup in RingCentral account. However, the community uses this Team to send company messages. And, we have a few accounts in there that we would prefer not see these messages. I have thought about creating a new Team that we control, but then we have to remember to add. I would prefer to see if there is some way to remove people as an exception.

Also in the same space, we would like to limit who can post to this. I assume that means I need to make anyone that can post a Team Admin for that Team and then change the general setting that would disallow Team Members from posting. The only issue I see with that is that sometimes users ask clarifying questions to posts and that can be helpful.

Just looking for some clarity and perhaps some pointers on how to best leverage this as a central form of communication.

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We have the same issue and it's a big pain point right now. Would love to be able to remove certain members that don't need to get all of the information.

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