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RingCentral Customer Community Forum Guidelines   


The goal of the RingCentral® Community Forum is to create a healthy environment for support, the sharing of best practices and engaging with others connected with RingCentral®. The RingCentral Community Forum Terms of Use (the “Community Forum TOS”) is the governing document for this community. This post simply breaks that down into understandable terms and defines expected etiquette for participation in the community.

Code of Conduct

The following are for your benefit and will help to make this community an enjoyable space on the web. Please respect all of the items listed below and the guidance of forum moderators and long-term members. Any breach of these items listed below, or those noted in the Community Forum TOS, may result in the termination of your account.

Be Yourself

Be yourself as people will engage and respect you more online when you're being honest. One idea is to use your real name (i.e. Desiree A.) rather than a pseudonym (i.e."RingCentralGurl224").

Do not create multiple community accounts with the goal of deceiving our system. Do not impersonate other community members. Do not misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity/affiliation.

Get Social

This community was built for you to find what you need, help others, and get recognized for your efforts.

Every member has something unique to share about their RingCentral set-up and their own tips and tricks. Share that knowledge with others! If you see a post where you feel you can contribute to the conversation - do it!

Mind Your Manners

We encourage debate, discussion, and productive conversation. Disagreements are inevitable, but remember that there is a human being behind every Community profile. Respect your fellow Community members and extend good faith and courtesy in all your exchanges.

Do not post illegal, threatening, libelous, or obscene content. It will be removed, and your account suspended.

If you are in a dispute with another member please keep the issue private and contact us via RingCentral Community email immediately.

No Spam

You probably love your business and/or products. And I'm sure other people do, too! But, this is not the place for unauthorized solicitation. Please only speak about products or services you love (or sell) when relevant to the conversation.

Do not post content regarding RingCentral competitors or alternatives. This is a RingCentral support forum and all unrelated endorsements will be removed.

Need clarification?

Email us and we're happy to help:

The RingCentral Community Moderators reserve the right to remove any posts that do not conform to the above guidelines without warning. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove users who violate the above guidelines or our Terms of Use.

We welcome and encourage your engagement and connection!

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