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Call Notifications in Desktop Notification Center

While using the RC small phone, before switching to the RC App on my Windows 10 Desktop, I was able to have my incoming calls notify me using the notification center in the lower right hand part of my screen. Now that I am using the RC App there is no setting for such. Is there anyway to do this so I don't have to continuously bring the RC app to foreground, I use glip for messaging my coworkers and I need the incoming calls to be as a separate notification. I miss important messages from my team when the whole app pops up since it considers the messages as "seen" even if I am just answering a call. Is there a way to receive notifications for incoming calls that does not bring the RC App to foreground? And possibly a way to receive notifications in my Windows 10 Desktop notification center? I still need to be notified of the incoming call, but I can not have glip messenger pop up every time I get a call.

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Hey, Alexa! We've shared this feedback with the product team. They have some notification updates planned and this feedback was helpful.
We'll update you when we have further details.

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