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Error notifications sent to unauthorized email addresses.

When setting up a meeting and including someone not on our plan, an unauthorized client email is sent automatically. It is sent to our admin and 3 other email addresses, one of which is not even on our plan. No one ever entered the 3 additional email addresses to receive any admin information. Support can not figure out how this is happening. Any ideas?

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Such a question should be asked via this support channel. You need to provide your account information in the ticket so they can have a look at your account settings.

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I have done that - and spent a couple of hours / screen share and numerous tests. The support tech had no idea how to fix this.

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Ok, as this is a non-programming related question, let me move your question to the customer community to see if someone can help.

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Hi @Julie Gladney. Can you please send us an email at We would like to check on this.

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My email to the address provided was rejected.

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