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Issues with iPad sound going over to Bluetooth - anyone else?

Hello Everyone!

We have a problem with the iPads in one of our rooms that has a lot of noise - and we were thinking that a Bluetooth speaker would help.

Got an Anker and it works well with the phone, both iPhones and Androids - get the notifications on the phone and they 'ding' on the speaker.

However; the iPad... no ding. Tried multiple iPads... no joy. Someone sends a message and the computer dings, the phone dings, the iPad... silent.

Yes - the mobile settings are the same as the iPhone - not on Mute, and yes, I can select the sound on the iPad - hear it being selected... but the incoming notification - nada.

Anyone else?

Ideas, thoughts, sledgehammers?

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Anyone? Anyone? Tech support - want to pass this on to the developers?

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This is still an issue after the latest update.


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Thanks for the bump, @Joe Cache - do you have a case open for this?
I can escalate if so.

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