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UK's Ofcom new ruling - Will it impact UK customers?

I have just read an article in the BBC this morning mentioning that all VoIP calls that originate from outside the UK will now be blocked.

Seeing as RingCentral makes use of VoIP technology I wanted to know if this will impact RingCentral customers that are based in the UK. Specifically, I'd like to know:

  • Is something being done by RingCentral to make sure that all calls we make will continue to work as they currently do?
  • Are there any changes that our company needs to do to ensure that we can still make calls going forward when this new update occurs?
  • What will happen to a call if it gets redirected to a RingCentral server based outside of the UK?
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@john-crawford This is a great question. I'm going to dig in with some internal teams and see if I can't find an answer.
Hang tough!

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@john-crawford This is a security-related issue and I think, to some degree, this relates to our efforts with "Stir/Shaken" - you can learn more about that HERE.

However, I know that for EU and UK, the FCC doesn't have any oversight.
I'm going to shift your inquiry to our Security team and work to get some answers from them.
I'll be sure to update you here, but please feel free to email the Community team directly, should you need to connect for additional discussion.

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@john-crawford After consulting with security and legal, they shared the following information: "Ofcom has asked major UK providers to block international calls that use UK numbers caller ID. This should not affect regular international calls to the UK, or domestic calls within the UK."

If you should have other concerns or issues, please reach out.

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