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RingCentral for Windows10 Constantly Installs When Opened

Hello, I downloaded the latest RingCentral app for Win10 and am experiencing an odd issue.
This software has to re-install itself every time I click to open it. After the installation, I can use it perfectly. But then I shut down my PC overnight and the next day, It has to re-install itself again to be used. Does this software no longer install permanently into windows like any other standard software package? This is odd behavior. It is frustrating because of how long it takes to re-install every time I turn on the PC. I havent had anything give me this kind of issue since the Windows XP days.
Thank you

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That is odd, @Jason Grauberger! I might recommend opening a case for this because it is such unusual behavior.
Someone might pop in from the Community with an idea or feedback, but creating a case will get it in front of our internal teams to evaluate if it is a problem that we need to take a closer look at.
You can submit a case here.

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Thank you!

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Of course! If you don't get what you need, please circle back!

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