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Warm transfer and Conference calls - detect them and get all the related call recordings.

We subscribe to webhooks for each extension and log all incoming/outgoing calls along with the call recording.

In case of warm transfer/conference calls, each call is treated as a separate call as the session ids are different, but logically from the customer perspective, it is just one call. Based on the webhook data and also from the call log API, I could not find a reliable way to link these calls.

We are currently subscribed to the below webhook event:


and using the below API endpoint to fetch call log


Please let us know if there is a way to acheive this.

rest apiwebhooks
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@Phong Vu I have seen you mentioning telephony session event here. Is there a document explaining how we can do this?

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The '/presence?detailedTelephonyState=true' event filter won't give you all details of a call session. Use the /telephony/sessions/ event filter instead.

Look for an event like this to determine a warm transfer event and map the session ids or telephony session ids.

Remember that a call recording is not automatically continued (if auto-recording feature is not enabled) after the call is transferred to a new agent.

    "sessionId":"600398999016", // origin session id
    "telephonySessionId":"s-6885fcf7ff48428db455027955a59901", // origin tel session id
        "to":{"phoneNumber":"+1209248xxxx","name":"Agent 120","extensionId":"59586xxxx"},
        "from":{"phoneNumber":"+1650513xxxx","name":"Phong Vu"},
            "telephonySessionId":"s-5e9ea55d51ca43c5b555093b98e6be64", // new tel session id
            "sessionId":"600400135016", // new session id
            "partyId":"p-5e9ea55d51ca43c5b555093b98e6be64-1" // new party id
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