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We have moved to Microsoft Azure and implemented WVD locally. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations running the RingCentral App in an WVD environment..

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We have been running RingCentral App on a WVD in Azure for over a year. We setup a Palo Alto Networks Virtual firewall to "protect" it. We matched the policies according to the RC network requirements.

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Paul, if you don't mind, I'd love to get some advice on getting the RingCentral App (either desktop or browser) to work properly in Azure Virtual Desktop. It seems to "work," but the main issue we're facing currently is not being able to separate the default communications device from the ringer device (even though we have it configured properly on the local machine). So either both calls and ringer notifications come through the speakers (which can be annoying because most people don't want their calls on speakerphone) or they both go through a headset (which causes users to miss calls if they're not wearing their headsets constantly). Do you have that issue?

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