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Solution to international calling charges and change order confirmations?

Does anyone have a solution to the following problem: We can call in North America for free with our plan, but then we also get charged $22 every single day for "change order: one time calling credits package". Our account manager is not so responsive, but she tells me that it is because we are calling to Germany, France, etc. Either the rates are not reasonable or something is wrong, but i can't get anyone at RC to give me other options - I asked our account manager - can't we just buy a plan that has unlimited international calling? Anyhow, we are going to have to switch to zoom phone (rates are not at an unlawful level), but we will lose some features that integrate into our software system. LEt me know if anyone has also experienced this or has a solution. Thank you,

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@thibodeau I'm going to dig into this a bit and see if we can't get you an answer.
Hang tough!

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@thibodeau I was able to be in touch with your account manager and she indicated that you would be speaking today.
If you find that you don't get the support that you need, please do reach out to the Community Team at and reference this thread for context.

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