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Touchtones to answer or decline incoming call randomly not recognized by RC

I am having a problem answering calls forwarded to my mobile phones. RC is not recognizing the touchtones - press 1 to accept, 2 to decline. It is not happening all the time, but most of the time. It doesn't seem to be happening to others in my company, but I receive the vast majority of calls. I even purchased a brand new mobile phone just in case the problem was with my previous phone.

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There may be issues with the settings. Please submit a ticket with Tech Support to check the problem.

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Thank you. I have done that.

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I am still having the same issue.

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I see that your case with Technical Support is still open. Have you checked the representative's response to your email?

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I have tried several times to get this resolved. It is happening to many users in my company. We are unable to do business and answer calls from customers.

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Since this is happening multiple times to different users, please continue working with Tech Support on your case as they are waiting for you to contact them. An escalation to Tier 2 can help you fix the problem if Tier 1 cannot resolve it.

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After more than a week, I have been escalated to tier 2.

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It shows on the case notes that you've mentioned it was an issue with your headphones, but they still left the case open for monitoring in case you will reach out again.

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