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IVR Voicemail issue

Hi! I have a user's missed calls section set to go to an IVR menu where a caller can subsequently choose if they'd like to hold, be transferred to a different user, or be transferred to that user's voicemail. I'm testing and I've chosen the voicemail option. The voicemail message plays, but I cannot leave a voicemail. Any way to fix this?

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Lena, I'm looking at your web portal now. May I know what is the extension number of that user?

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Yes, it's my extension - 8055. Thank you!

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Your settings are correctly setup. Please contact Tech Support to see where the issue is. You may create a case here.

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If I'm understanding how you have it setup correctly, when you send to an IVR from a user's call handling section, the VM is disabled by default. It's not explained very well, but that's how it works.

If you wish to use an IVR for this user and with the options you describe, you need to create a message only extension for that user and have the IVR be sent to that message only extension if the client wishes to be sent to VM. You can set the recipient to the user within the message only extension and they can still access their VM as per usual. The only complexity is that to change their unique VM, the user must change it on the message only extension.

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OH THANK YOU for your answer! I absolutely didn't know that the vm was disabled, but that makes sense. I will set a message only extension and see if that works as you suggested. Thanks again!

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