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One user using Any RC APP (Phone/App/Salesforce Browser) is super silent on headset only when call starts

All users are on windows 10, primarily using Salesforce Browser to make calls.

One user only has an issue where at the beginning of the call, the volume from his microphone is very quiet. After about 10 seconds, the volume jumps up to a normal volume.

Issue persists on two different computers, different manufacturers, different sound chipsets.

Have tried 3 different headsets, latest one an RC recommended one.

Issue has happened on 4 different ISPs and Wifi locations.

Settings for 'communications' under sound is set to 'do nothing'

Switching calls between rc phone and rc app causes the issue to restart.

Microphone Gain is set to +6DB and stays there.

Windows updates fully up to date.

Turned off 'allow apps to take exclusive control' in microphone properties

If the user snaps the microphone boom to make noise, that sometimes resolves it.


It feels like there's some sort of setting that is setting the sound low at first, and then catching up.

I've reinstalled the OS, tried different computers, deleted and recreated the user account, made endless test calls, turned off every option I can find in ring central to allow the microphone to be tweaked, and I'm at my wits' end! RingCentral support is mystified. I'm mystified!

Anyone seen this or have any ideas for more to do?

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After some amount of messing around, it appears to have been resolved with a complete delete / recreate of both the user account and the extension associated with that phone number. I was careful to not reuse the extension.

It's possible that in an effort to give the new guy access to the old guy's VMs, I simply changed the name / email address of the account. I don't remember exactly, but it seems like a thing I might do.

My advice, don't ever do this.

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