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Unable to Submit Support Case

I have been unable to submit a support ticket. I attempted separate times over the course of two weeks with the same result of a prompt regarding an issue with the site and to try again later. This was also done on two different browsers. After the most recent time I cleared my cache and cookies on Chrome and logged back in and received the same error message and just a loading image after hitting next when it asks for an alternate email address.

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jessica-community-moderator avatar image jessica-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Katie,

We'll follow up with our support case administration team. To confirm, are you using the same email from your profile to log in and submit the case?

In the mean time, what are you needing to submit a case on? We may be able to help while our team gets your support case access corrected.

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Katie Kearney avatar image Katie Kearney commented ·

Yes, I am.

I am trying to look into two issues. One with a phone dropping audio during phone calls randomly (approximately 1/2 times per day) and if the firmware of a phone needs to be updated to get a headset, that was previously working, working again.

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jessica-community-moderator avatar image jessica-community-moderator ♦♦ Katie Kearney commented ·

Are you able to log into at all? I'm working with the team to fix you access ASAP, you will need to work with advanced support for them to gather phone logs and example files to pinpoint your dropped calls.

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Katie Kearney avatar image Katie Kearney jessica-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Yes, I am actively logged in. It just gives me a perpetual loading screen and error message if I attempt to submit a case.

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Hugo Papa avatar image Hugo Papa commented ·

some solution for this issue? we are experiencing the same issue. Kind Regards Hugo

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Hugo Papa commented ·

Hey, @Hugo Papa I've reached out to the team responsible for that.
I'll share an update when I hear back from them.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

We've submitted a case for this!
We'll update here as we learn more.

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Ingrid Sells avatar image Ingrid Sells commented ·

same for me

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Ingrid Sells commented ·

Hello @Ingrid Sells, please try the troubleshooting steps below.

Clear cache and cookies

Delete browsing history

Restart your browser


Let us know if the issue is still the same so that I can report this.


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