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Assigning Numbers to a Campaign

Hello, We just had our Brand approved yesterday, still waiting on the Campaign (submitted yesterday as well). At what point do we assign the associated phone number(s) to the Campaign, only once it has been approved/registered? Do we list our RingCentral main number or any that we use? (Initially I thought we were told main number, and that RC would link the numbers as needed, future numbers, etc.). We are a new customer so we have not "migrated" our numbers yet form our old provider (afraid to lose texting capabilities while this TCR confusion was going on). So, assuming our Campaign is approved, what is the next step, do we need to get Implementation involved first? Is there a video or tutorial for this last step? Thank you very much!

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Great to hear, @Merrilee Guarini
It sounds like you have a strategy!

I would wait to confirm that your Campaign has been completed, then get your numbers moved over to RingCentral, and finally, move the numbers you want to enable with SMS under the Campaign.

This link should help you get an understanding of the number assignment process, but if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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How did you get your brand approved? My menu does not have the link to add my brand.

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Hi Vernon, we had the option in our Admin Portal (not sure when it was added), under Phone System tab at the top, then on lefthand menu: Enhanced Business SMS/10DLC TCR Registration. No idea what 10DLC is! I had submitted a PDF but after being in limbo for a long time, they (our sales rep) suggested we complete the portal registration instead. I had read somewhere there was a "soft" rollout and eventually everyone would get it?? Good luck.

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