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AI Interaction Analytics - missing emotion insights property
Tags: rest api
Aug 8, 2023 at 5:35am   •   2 replies  •  1 likes
Mateusz Stopka

We are trying to use /ai/insights/v1/async/analyze-interaction endpoint described in Extract interaction analytics from a media file ( We tried multiple options for `insights` field but none of them returned any Emotion insights.

In documentation there are emotion insights for each sentence in utteranceInsights

"utteranceInsights": [
        "start": 2.52,
        "end": 6.53,
        "text": "Could produce large hail isolated tornadoes and heavy rain.",
        "confidence": 0.93,
        "speakerId": "1",
        "insights": [
                "name": "Emotion",
                "value": "Neutral",
                "confidence": 0.7

but in our tests, regardless of what recording we send, the insights array is always empty.

Sample request:

1. With "all" insights:

    "contentUri": "file url",
    "encoding": "Mpeg",
    "languageCode": "en-US",
    "speakerCount": 2,
    "enrollmentIds": [
    "insights": ["All"],
    "audioType": "CallCenter"

2. With "All" "Emotion" "Energy" insights:

    "contentUri": "file url",
    "encoding": "Mpeg",
    "languageCode": "en-US",
    "speakerCount": 2,
    "enrollmentIds": [
    "insights": [
    "audioType": "CallCenter",
    "enableVoiceActivityDetection": true,
    "enablePunctuation": true,
    "enableSpeakerDiarization": true

Both cases returns response with empty insights:

Here are some more jobId's that we tried to get insights:
1. 04a7ceec-35e1-11ee-90cb-0050569cffc5

2. 0249cc0a-35e0-11ee-b580-0050569c72ca

3. 6fe183c8-35d8-11ee-b31c-0050569cffc5

Is there any way to request Interaction Analytics with emotion insights?

2 Answers
answered on Mar 1, 2024 at 2:25pm  

Hey @Mateusz Stopka Have you guys been using the interaction analytics Endpoint sucessfully? I was wondering how is that been working for devs.
We are considering building something to extract that data but we are worried if its not stable enough since its still in Beta. Do you get many issues?

answered on Sep 22, 2023 at 7:47am  

Hi there,

Finally the missing emotion insights issue is fixed and available in the response. Please try again and let me know if it is still an issue.


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