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Ability for Customers' to Manage Licensing

We manage RingCentral accounts for various clients. I'm not sure why, other than retention, but I find it inconvenient that licensing can only be removed throught the following criteria:

1. You are within 30 days of contract renewal

2. You must contact RingCentral support or your Account Manager

Even more confusing is the fact that I can purchase as many additional licenses as I want, but in order to remove any, I have to get a sales pitch and discounts offered. It comes across as disingenuous considering 99% of SaaS vendors we use allow you to manage your own licenses, both adding and removing. It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth after the support agent says we should keep hundreds of dollars of licenses on our account as a backup even though I can add one in ~2 minutes if I ever actually needed an additional license.

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