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Can you send me an invoice via email each month?

My bookkeeper asked if I can provide her with a RingCentral bill each month so that she can keep our accounts straight. Although our account is paid automatically each month, she still wants/needs an invoice for our records. Can I get an automatic email each month that shows the current charges and what was paid or what is due? How do I set that up? Thank you.

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Same question - would be nice if someone would answer this...

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I've asked our account manager and he says it can't be done and we have to log in each month and download the invoice. Even the smallest cloud solution provider appears to be able to email you their invoices. It appears RingCentral doesn't care much about their customers?!


I've asked our account manager and he says we have to login to our account every moth to download the invoice! This seems a ridiculous thing to have to do when even the smallest of cloud solution providers have a provision to email you their invoices! Ring Central doesn't seem to be bothered about creating more work for their customers?!!

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Yeh I second this!

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Hi, you can contact your Account Manager for this.

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