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Is there a way to assign an alternate host to a webinar?

Is there a way to assign an alternate host to a webinar?  I often have several webinars running at once and having an alternate hosts allows me to do so with my previous conferencing solutions.
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No.  This is referring to the Webinars, not regular meetings.  I was told that you could not schedule webinars on behalf of others.  I know we can for meetings but not webinars.  Was I told incorrectly?
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A webinar is nothing more than a video "meeting" in which a presentation on a topic is made. There really is no difference between it and a "regular meeting" other than how it is presented in most cases (muted audio, etc.).

In your initial question you ask about "assigning" an alternate host to a webinar. In your last comment you mention about "scheduling" webinars. "Scheduling" would apply more to someone like a person's assistant actually scheduling a meeting/webinar for their boss without having to get on the boss's computer in RC Meetings to actually schedule the meeting/webinar, whereas assigning an alternate host is something quite different.

Are you using RingCentral Meetings for your webinars? If you are, the topic Saadet provided will work  IF the "alternate host" of the webinar is in your company contacts and part of your company's RingCentral network. But then they could only schedule the meeting/webinar for you but not be an alternate host from the onset with your intent of freeing yourself up to not be on the meeting/webinar.

On the other hand, if you are having outside parties, not in your company contacts, hosting the webinars then you were told correctly. They cannot be someone who can schedule meetings for you.

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Hello Tiana,

Would Scheduling a Meeting on Behalf of Someone work for you?
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Please add alternative hosts to Meetings. If the host is out sick, alternative hosts can start the meeting. This is not the same feature as scheduling on behalf of someone.

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