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Delete Glip Conversations

Our group would like to be able to delete conversations in Glip. To date, we've been instructed we can only delete what the user themselves wrote line by line. Please inform if there is a work-around or if this is in the works. Thank you.

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Hi Sandy, 

Team admins are also able to delete Glip conversations. 

  • Archive Team - When a project is over, or a team simply isn't needed anymore, archive it instead of deleting it so that all of the team's content is preserved and fully searchable. Archived teams are moved to a separate section at the bottom of the Teams page so that they don't clutter up the list of active teams. You can always bring an archived team back to life by clicking on the Restore button next to its entry at the bottom of the Teams page.
  • Delete Team - Deletes the team. Note that you should only delete a team if it was accidentally created, or if you are positive no one will ever need access to any of the conversation or content in the team. Otherwise, it is better to leave the team as-is. If it is no longer used, it will quickly disappear from the left pane as more active conversations push it off the bottom. But, it can still be found on the Teams page, and its content can still be found via search, so that it remains useful for future reference. 
  • Close Conversation - Closing a conversation will remove it from the left pane,but will not delete the contents.
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sandy123 avatar image sandy123 jared16517 commented ·

Thank you for the clarification Jared. Appreciate the response.

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ted-jaffe192 avatar image ted-jaffe192 commented ·
Hi Sandy - to clarify - are you looking to delete a 1-1 conversation or a group/team conversation?

If it's a 1-1 conversation you are right there is no way to delete/clear it all in one action.  This is something we're contemplating on addressing in the future.

If it's a group/team conversation those can be deleted by the team administrator as referenced above.

Can you please clarify what you meant by "Delete" above for us per the above? Many thanks.
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ted-jaffe192 avatar image ted-jaffe192 commented ·
Great, thanks for clarifying.  We will look into it!  
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sandy123 avatar image sandy123 ted-jaffe192 commented ·
Thank you!
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susan-lindsay11503 avatar image susan-lindsay11503 commented ·
The ability to delete 1-to-1 conversations would be extremely useful.  Is it possible for the Admin to delete 1-to-1 conversations?
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 susan-lindsay11503 commented ·
Hey Susan, not yet. Like Ted mentioned earlier, it's something that the Product Team is considering for the future but there's no ETA
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jeff16278 avatar image jeff16278 susan-lindsay11503 commented ·
This has been a while since there looks like there was an update. Are you now able to delete 1-to-1 conversations at this time?
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 susan-lindsay11503 commented ·
Hi Jeff, there's still no ETA at this time. Thanks for checking in! 
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sandy123 avatar image sandy123 commented ·


Looking to delete a 1-1 conversation. Appreciate the input and getting back so quickly.

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