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Dial 1 to accept a call on mobile

When a call comes in on a mobile, we have to dial 1 to accept. Obviously we can't do this when we are driving. Is there a way around this please?

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That link gets this response:

Be patient, you are almost there.

The page you are looking for has moved and we couldn't redirect you. We will fix this, we promise.

In the meantime, use the search box above to search for the content you need. Thank you.

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Was there ever an answer on this question? We are having the same issue. The link for the article is broken.

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Please check the KB article below, and follow instruction #6. Go to Play Announcement setting, and select Never.

Setting up your incoming call display and announcement settings

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This STILL isn't working as it should, as there's not a 'Never' for the Call Queues - the original problem.
1680718732577.pngThe 'Never' only exists for Direct calls, and NEEDS to be an option in BOTH diret/queue calls.

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