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RC Desktop (Glip) On a Call Presence Not Updating for Everyone?
Tags: presence
Nov 20, 2019 at 7:17am   •   2 replies  •  0 likes

1. U.S. over AT&T fiber

2. N/A

3. We're using the RC Desktop (Glip) application in our office since migrating to RingCentral back in April. We've had a number of issues with the program that have consumed an immense amount of our team's time (DTMF issues, callers unable to hear my team, my team being unable to hear callers) to the point that a number of team members are trying to start an internal revolt against the program's use. So, I'm hoping that the community can be a better help than support has in the past.

Since migrating, we've experienced an issue with the RC Desktop phone presence not being updated to on-a-call (red bubble with no white line through it). For example, from a receptionist's PC, RC Desktop will show a user is available but they're actually on a call. From another PC, that same user's presence may update accordingly showing that they're on-a-call. When we experience this issue, the receptionist can call the user and it will ring through until eventually going to voicemail. RC support's answer is to either use RC Phone, regularly clear RC Desktop's cache through developer tools, or delete and add a profile back in losing all communication data on the user's account. Admittedly, the solutions work temporarily, but I can't fathom the idea of having to address this issue every week on 50 PCs. We also can't easily recreate this issue and it seems to sporadically happen just enough to create conflict between our front desk and other departments.

Does anyone have any experience with RC Desktop on-a-call presence not updating? If so, does anyone have a permanent solution?

4. Temporary fixes which have worked: using RC Phone, clearing RC Desktop's cache, and deleting/recreating user's profiles.

5. RingCentral Desktop Version 19-11-1 (E. 5.0.10) Build: 2 (rev. 31350360) all users are using Dell OptiPlex desktops with Windows 10 ver 1809 all using softphones with no deskphones or mobile apps being used

6. 50, all at some point or another.

Any help would be appreciated! The RC forums have been a great reference tool for our team so keep up the great work!

2 Answers
answered on Nov 26, 2019 at 6:37am  
Hey there Jessica - that's correct. Our issue is that the status/presence system isn't updating to show when someone is on a call. For example, if you were on a call, your colleagues would see the red bubble with no white line through it indicating to them that you're on a call and can't take a new one at the moment. However, the issue we're having is that sometimes the on a call presence doesn't update for everyone. So your colleagues may try calling you several times thinking you're available, per the green available presence they see, when you're actually on a call. I brought this up with tech support yesterday and they informed me RC Desktop's (Glip's) presence status isn't fully functional and that we should instead use RC Phone's presence feature.

answered on Jul 29, 2020 at 9:32pm  
Hey Cody! 

The red dot with a white line through it on the RingCentral app is for Do Not Disturb, it is a manual setting only currently. Check out this KB article for more presence information. 


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