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Call Queues and Call Waiting

We have a call queue setup. Calls come into our main number and ring first at the front desk. If she doesn't answer, they are routed sequentially to the other numbers.

Recently something changed. Our front desk always had call waiting enabled. If she was on a call, she would see a new call coming in, and she could answer it. Now she does not see the new call coming it, it just routes directly to the next number in the queue.

So basically, we had call waiting in a call queue, but it has been turned off somehow.

How do we turn it back on?

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That's interesting. We thought that there wasn't call waiting on a Call Queue, that if an extension was in use then it was eliminated from an incoming call. We wanted it to work so that if a call comes in and one phone is in use, the person on the phone could hang up and then it would ring alongside the other phones already ringing.

The workaround was to shorten the ring time of the individual extensions (found this in another post) to 5-10 seconds so that if they hung up, it would get re queued and ring again in that 5-10 second time frame. Not ideal, but my understanding is that it's the only way to make it happen. 
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I see all the posts saying there was no call waiting in a call queue, but multiple people in the office swear it was working this way - not just the person at the front desk.
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You are absolutely correct. We used to have call waiting on the call queue until today, when I rang support and they changed something. It altered settings and now it's gone, with no way of getting it back! I'm savage!!!!!

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