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How to upload a greeting?

Note: I don't think this is the "desktop RingCentral app". This is the website. This is another issue, but the link to install the actual RingCentral app does not work.

The link that doesn't work is:

Maybe if I actually had the desktop RingCentral app, I could change the greeting there?

When I first set up the voice mail greeting, I recall an option to upload a file. Instead of doing that, I used the interface to record a custom one, but didn't realize that it would put many seconds of silence on the end. You can't have callers waiting that long to leave their message. I guess I thought the software was sophisticated enough to trim that off. So I did Edit, clicked the download arrow, and edited the download .wav file, trimming off the silence at the end. But when I try to upload the modified .wav, and replace the existing one, there is only an option of a download arrow! Apparently, it only allows you to upload a file initially, but once you have one there, you can't delete it and upload one again. Hard to believe. What's the point of allowing a download of a file if you can't upload a file? Am I missing something?

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Hi Mark,

You need to click the red record button for you to see options on how to customize your greetings. 
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Click the red button instead of the down arrow button.

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Thanks, a lot - that was all I had to do.  Yes, I had even thought about doing that before.  This is the first time I've seen the red button in a recording context signify "go to another window where you can start recording", rather than "start recording".  LOL!
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