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Ring Central Desktop App Sounds

Any way for the notifications sounds for new messages, texts, etc. to be routed to PC Speakers.  We can set telephone microphone and telephone sound to headsets and telephone RING to Speakers.  But, the message sounds only come through headsets (when using headsets).  It'd be nice to be able to route sounds to different devices for those of us who don't wear headsets all the time.
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nathan-cole avatar image nathan-cole commented ·
I just downloaded it a week or so ago, I think it's the new one.
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Larry Davis avatar image Larry Davis commented ·

I am using the app as well...version info here:

Version: Web, Windows

Date: 2021-01-14 23:49:00

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The original poster is correct. This is a lame oversight by RC.

You can set your RING to go to the speaker of your choice.

Also, you can set the speaker and mic to go to the speaker and mic of your choice. For me, this is my headset speaker and mic. It works. I use it for phone calls and video meetings.

BUT when it comes to the Direct Message notification sounds that you get when someone sends you a text message within Ring Central, you can NOT choose this. It appears to send these sound notifications to the "Speakers" you have selected. For me, this is my headset, and if I am not wearing my headset, I don't hear them. Therefore, people in my org send me text messages and then I tend to notice them 45 minutes later because I never heard the sound notification. Get it?

RC needs to do one of two things:

(1) Add a sound setting to allow people to select where Direct Msg notification sounds go.


(2) Send these notifications to the same place that the RINGER is set to.

(1) is preferable, but (2) would at least improve things assuming most people set their RINGER to a desktop speaker so they can hear when the phone is ringing.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Larry Davis commented ·

HI @Larry Davis Thanks for the suggestion. You can submit this as a feature request in our Ideas Portal here.

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Darlene Stanley avatar image Darlene Stanley commented ·

I only hear the notifications on the computer half the time or less. I can't understand why the notification sounds will work a few times in one day, but not later. Sometimes they work all day, but the next day, I won't hear them at all. Very aggravating. Since, I hear them at times, I have to assume my settings are right.

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mary-community-moderator answered Larry Davis commented
Hi Nathan,

Are you using the new RingCentral app or classic?
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Larry Davis avatar image Larry Davis commented ·

Whether you have the new RC app or classic, the issue still exists, so this is irrelevant as it turns out.

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