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Why are User Admins unable to download another extensions/users messages?

Within the RingCentral admin portal, we noticed that Super Admins are the only ones that are able to download another user/extensions voicemail messages. We have users that are setup as User Admins and they are able to access/play/forward another users/extensions voicemail messages but receive an error when attempting to download/save the actual message. Per speaking with a RC Tech Support agent, I was advised that that was a system limitation.

Will this be fixed in the near future?

I do not understand how a User Admin is able to access/play/foward another user's voicemail message but can not download/save it. If this was the case, if a User Admin is unable to download/save a voicemail message of another user, then I would expect that would not be able to access the voicemail messages at all.

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