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Using Call Logs API to get analytics "Answered" count

I'm trying to create a dashboard for our company using some KPIs from RingCentral's analytics page. On that page, I'm able to get an "Answered" count and percent for each of the extensions I need to work with.

Good news: when I fetch the call logs using the company call logs endpoint, I'm able to find the target extensions in the call legs with the "Detailed" view.

However, when I compare the counts from the API with those in analytics, there is some variation. Here are the Oct MTD counts for two extensions:

api "Accepted" api total analytics "Answered" analytics total
2238 2382 2239 2418
521 555 520 544

I'm sure some of this is from time zone differences, but would like to confirm that my process for finding the counts is accurate. Here's what I'm doing:

  1. Fetching the company logs with "Detailed" view parameter.
  2. Inserting call legs from those logs into my database, grouping them by call log id
  3. Querying the records with "to.extensionId" equaling my target extensions.
  4. Using the count of those records as the total and the number with result = "Accepted" as the number "Answered".


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did you make any progress on this?

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I ended up sticking with the steps at the end of my question.

The counts are still a little off and the solution is pretty far from elegant, but what're you gonna do?

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