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Re-Programming Soft Keys

I have a Yealink T46S. It has 2 softkeys that I do not use - Intercom and Page. Yealink says these keys can be reprogrammed to display "history". Yealink said RC needs to do this and send me detailed instructions as well as the needed history file. RC says they cannot reprogram the keys. I contacted Yealink again & they reiterated that RC must make the change. I have the directions and can probably do it myself but need an id and password after I enter the phone IP address.

Has anyone changed their softkeys? What id and password do I need? I tried mine for RC but it did not work. I'm thinking it has to be an RC id & password for an IT type person.

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As per following link it i suggested to contact Tech Support Team so that they can help get you if you face any issue:

It also have phone support number for any detailed discussion

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Yealink was great at suppling a step by step how to for reprogramming my intercom key to be able to use it as my history key. RC was the problem...reps kept telling me Yealink hsd to do the change. Yealink told me RC had to change it as Yealink does not have access to my phone. I finally reached a tech at Yealink who read through the instructions and was like, "No problem". He was able to make the change in a matter of minutes. My phone works like I need it to!

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Kim, does your key change after you add a use presence to your phone or anything like that? I have been able to make the change on the phone but as soon as the user adds a presence to one of the line buttons the phone reboots to download that info and wipes out the softkey changes i made. Any info or help on this would be great.

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