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canceling - tried last year and got charged - and want to cancel this year

We are trying to cancel - went through account manager and did not do it.

Please cancel ASAP

I am the owner.

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Anirban avatar image Anirban commented ·

I guess from community it is difficult to cancel. You can check with support team for further direction here:

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Louis Carter avatar image Louis Carter commented ·

Thank you - I appreciate your answer.

We were told to go to our representative - which we did.

We requested back in March for cancellation via email and phone. We were refused cancellation.

Now we are coming back and requesting again. Still no answer. They are holding our account hostage charging us monthly bills.

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Louis Carter avatar image Louis Carter commented ·

I have a series of emails requesting cancellation to my account manager Jose. He has not complied with any requests.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Louis Carter commented ·

@Louis Carter Please send us an email to and we can assist with this. Please share the emails you've exchanged with Jose as well.

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