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Call Queue Feature Request (Add ring group functionality)

Currently, there is no option to create ring groups inside of a call queue. This is possible via a virtual extension, however, the analytics given from a virtual extension are inferior to analytics gathered from a call queue.

Example scenario:

Call Queue (sequential)

Ring group 1 -

  • "John Doe" (30 seconds ring)

> No answer from ring group 1, follows sequence to ring group 2.

Ring group 2 -

  • "Grogu" (30 seconds ring)
  • "Darth Vader" (30 seconds ring)
  • "Luke Skywalker" (30 seconds ring)


Currently we are unable to do this. The only option when using a sequential call queue is to forward to individual accounts.

NOTE: I will not entertain the idea of having a virtual extension that forwards to multiple users simultaneously as a user in the call queue sequence as that defeats the purpose of the analytics gained from using a call queue.

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Hello Brett,

Here's how you can properly submit a feature request.
Submitting and Voting for Product Ideas

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