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Caller ID shows spam risk

We have a couple users (Danica and Melody), who's caller ID shows "possible spam risk" to the person they are calling.

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Mary Lasseter avatar image Mary Lasseter commented ·

I have the same problem from my extension. I changed it to my direct line and called my personal cell to see what happens. It now says the company name, but I'm not sure if that's because I have the name saved in my phone. However, before when I had the main phone number of the company, it showed up as Spam Risk when I called my cell.

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benjamin-pina10780 avatar image benjamin-pina10780 commented ·

You can pay a lot of money to third party companies out there to "clear" your name across all of the carriers. Outside of that you're fighting algorithms outside of RC's control. Not much to do about that.

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matt1234567891011121314 avatar image matt1234567891011121314 commented ·

We've been dealing with this intermittently for a while too. Not everyone tells us if our phone number comes up as spam risk- they just won't answer. So, are we losing business because prospects think we're a spam risk?

RingCentral hasn't been able to alleviate the problem entirely. But they did refresh our numbers / caller IDs, whatever that means. Still relies on other carriers to update their database. The whole thing is just a mess. I'm not sure why caller ID is such a difficult thing to manage.

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matt1234567891011121314 avatar image matt1234567891011121314 matt1234567891011121314 commented ·

We've also gotten incorrect names coming up. Assuming it's prior customers of RingCentral and the caller ID wasn't updated when we acquired the numbers. It's really unprofessional IMO

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Kelsey Breckle avatar image Kelsey Breckle commented ·

@Staci Heidenson @jeffrey-raymond-jr. We are getting this same feeback from our clients on our outbound calls. We currently use our direct lines as the Caller ID and would prefer to keep it that way but we do not want our calls to show as a possible spam risk. Has anyone gotten more information about what might be causing this issue?

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rich1234 avatar image rich1234 Kelsey Breckle commented ·

we are getting this as well -- our clients are seeing our # show up as spam on their phones

incredibly unacceptable!

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scottmurry avatar image scottmurry commented ·

We are fighting with this same issue as well. We migrated to RC in January from multiple phone carriers at various locations, and it seems that RC doesn't send the caller id information properly, and we are losing customers and prospects because our calls are all labeled as "suspected spam," or at BEST it just displays the ANI with no company information. We have requested a de-listing with ATT Wireless and Verizon wireless, but this problem won't be resolved until RC starts passing full caller ID information to the called party. Has anyone found a way to resolve this?

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Hello Staci,

Please have them checked their Caller ID Settings. You may click on this link

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jeffrey-raymond-jr avatar image jeffrey-raymond-jr commented ·

I have the same issue. Our user's caller ID is set to the company phone number and not "possible spam risk" or "likely spam". What else can be done to prevent our call recipients from receiving this message?

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Nate Beyer avatar image Nate Beyer commented ·

I am having this issue as well. My caller ID is set to my direct line, but am receiving feedback from clients that my call shows up as "Spam Risk." Is there anythign to be done about this? @Mary-Community_Moderator

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Nate Beyer commented ·

Hi @Nate Beyer, you may coordinate this with our Tech Team. It should not appear as a Caller ID. You may create a case at

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Mary Lasseter answered Susan Pieroni commented

Nothing seemed to work. We do realize it may depend upon the client's cell carrier. However, we just started using Hiya to 'fix' the problem. Too early to tell if it has worked...but it is free. Worth a shot!

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Susan Pieroni avatar image Susan Pieroni commented ·

Have you had any success with Hiya? We are starting to run into this same problem and it was suggested by RC support to give this a try.

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jessica-community-moderator answered Joe Cache commented

This article has some recommendations and links to other FCC resources that may help:

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache commented ·

You mean links like the FCC to file complaints?!?

Seriously - this is a RC-wide issue, not us (clients) and from all the responses we're getting back from Hiya, Orion, xfinity, et al - IT'S NOT US. We have yet to get back one report that states that the underlying carrier said, 'Oh - yeah, we've cleared it.'

Get on the line with your developers and tell them to fix it. It's not quantum physics! Stop coming out with mods that add more fluff, and concentrate on the CORE programming.

For those that can change their outgoing number from their main company number with the down arrow on the number pad before dialing - using the RC 'Direct' number works for us, and the calls go through with no issue - but then our clients dont know it's us, and now they have the direct line back to that staff member. (which we don't want - we want them calling the main company line)

Again, if switching to a RC Direct line works - and the main company line doesn't - and it's not anyof the other carriers issue - it points back to the RC code.

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Susan Pieroni answered

I have also reached out to Hiya, Orion, etc. with none of my 600+ lines being marked as spam within their databases. Even though all of our numbers are clear we receive daily complaints from customers stating our calls are appearing as spam on their caller ID so they are going unanswered. There must be something on the RingCentral side that can be done to alleviate this problem.

We have a vendor that we work with and for a fee we can subscribe to their service to eliminate outbound calls being flagged as spam. If there are other companies out there that can do this then why can't RingCental.

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Alfredo Valerin answered

I am having the same issue marked as spam loosing buisnes about, not sure if I should just change provider, as their only answer is it no my fault and do not do anythjing

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