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Ring Central Engage Voice Customers from Connect First

We were Connect First customers who came over to Ring Central Engage Voice when they acquired Connect First. We haven't been able to find out who our Account Manager is. We've been told a few different people by Support but have not been able to reach any of them. I've tried calling Support, open a case, calling Sales, leaving a message on Twitter, emailing folks who we were told was our Account Rep and we haven't been able to reach anyone. We just need to talk to our Account Owner about our account and options, etc. -- Figure i'd try this!

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Hey, @Michael Spiegler - I'd like to help!
I'm digging into who can assist and will reach out to you directly via email if that works for you.

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Thank you thank you thank you - that works for me. :)

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Standby! Trying to figure out next steps! More soon!

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