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Need the Ability to Have Comments/Replies to TASKS

Support Request regarding Tasks in Glip - It's nice that you can create tasks, but the conversation system is NOT useful when it comes to messaging other team members about a task. There really needs to be a way to REPLY to a task and have a specific comment or text thread that corresponds with TASKS not just conversations.

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Hi @Chris Vaughan, for feature requests, you may submit it in our Ideas Portal. Please go to

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Creates a post in the chat specified in path. Any mention can be added within the text attribute of the request body in .md format - ![:Type](id), where type is one of (Person, Team, File, Note, Task, Event, Link, Card) and id is a unique identifier of the mentioned object of the specified type. Attachments of the following types (File, Card, Event, Note) can also be added to a post by passing type and ID of attachment(s) in request body.

This does not work for Task. Please fix this

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