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Yealink T48S default password

I have a Yealink T48S provisioned with RC. Every time it boots I get the red warning triangle saying that the default admin password is being used. I can change the password on the web interface, but every time the phone reboots, the default password of 'admin' gets reapplied.

Besides being a security risk, is there anything I can do to change the admin password on the device and have it stick? I can't guarantee that the phone will never be rebooted.

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Hi @Brendan, is your phone manually provisioned?

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Brendan Richman avatar image Brendan Richman mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi @Mary, I'm new to this so not 100% sure what you mean, but it's a refurb phone I bought on ebay (not wanting to spend too much on this yet!), and provisioned with RC. I think it is manually provisioned.

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Does all the RingCentral features function on your phone?

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Default Password is admin - Unless you provision the phone it will display that "Error Message" not really an error just a warning as there's potential someone could sniff out your IP address and login to the GUI with the default password.

In order to change you need to login to the phone VIA it's IP address and then go here:

I don't really follow it either as the default user / password is also: admin / admin so either way changing the default password of the device doesn't make a difference.

After the phone has been provisioned that message does go away.

You can factory reset it by holding down the OK button for 5 seconds and confirming it.

I recently manually provisioned 1 - T48S and 2 - T46S for a client and functionality isn't as expected because there is no access to the Corporate Contacts (LDAP Directory). Trying to solution this but not having any luck.

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Brendan Richman avatar image Brendan Richman commented ·

Thanks Jacob. Indeed the message does go away, however if I unplug the phone, plug it back in, the password is changed back to 'admin' and the red triangle comes back which poses a security risk.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Brendan Richman commented ·

Depending on your account level - you could always remove the phone from the user, add it back as a 'other gen sip' phone - so that you get just the SIP credentials from RC, and load either an earlier or later firmware to the phone.

If you stick with the RC provisioning, it will always look to see what firmware you have and set it up/down accordingly. It's only with the GenSIP settings that it doesn't.

This means you also have to take out the 'provisioning server' entries - and set up the user account on the Account page manually.

I would say, factory reset - load latest firmware - apply GenSIP - verify voip - and then the dreaded power reset test.

Let me know if you need that screenshot for the Account page.

I'd say it might be cheaper to buy a new phone... but it's the adventure - I know that! :)

Have fun.

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Tim Beaumont avatar image Tim Beaumont Joe Cache commented ·

@Brendan Richman Did you ever get this sorted?

I have the same issue with Yealink T46s & T33 randomly reset to default (has happened multiple times in the last 2 years every phone at the same time).

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