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Auto Divert To Voicemail When Busy

Is there any way to automatically divert an incoming call to voicemail when I'm on another call? I saw some others asking the same thing, but the answer was to select 'Busy' or 'Do not disturb' when on another call. This isn't always practical and it is easy to forget to select 'Available' after the call. I just want RingCentral to recognise when I'm on another call and to automatically divert any other calls that come in. There must be a way to do it.....


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Thanks @Anirban. I have submitted the idea.

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I still didn't find the 'automatic' option to send the call into voicemail during an active call other than putting 'Busy ' or 'DND' status as referred here:

Other than that you need to manually click send to voice option while getting an incoming call.

You can request this 'automatic transfer' feature here as a feature which will be reviewed by RC team and if this is not there then they can plan to implement it in future.

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Great suggestion, @Anirban. Thank you!

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