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Kelsi Rakevet asked Matt Hoffman commented

How do I auto send calls to Voicemail when I'm on another call?

I do training calls and when I'm on these calls I don't want to be interrupted by other calls coming in. How do I auto send calls to voicemail when I'm already on a call? I use the mobile app on a tablet exclusively.

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Michelle Lopez avatar image Michelle Lopez commented ·

Is there an automatic setting so that when I am in a meeting incoming calls will go AUTOMATICALLY to voice mail so I don't have to use the DND?

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kelly-cote avatar image kelly-cote commented ·

Wendy, is there anyway to do this automatically? I may not always remember to do this.

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Wendy Busse-Coleman answered Matt Hoffman commented

Good afternoon Kelsi,

You can select BUSY (or DND // Do Not Disturb) as your availability in the top right corner of the desktop app. This will activate your calls going directly to your VM.

Give it a try. Feel free to let me know how it works out for you!


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David Cochrane avatar image David Cochrane commented ·

Would be really useful to our ContactCenter folks if we could set their extension to only accept one call and forward additional calls to voicemail. That would stop all of the interruptions, and they wouldn't need to remember to turn on and off the DND or Busy buttons.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

You're the best, Wendy!

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Matt Hoffman avatar image Matt Hoffman commented ·

I believe a feature that can be set up on each persons line would be helpful where they can send calls to VM if they are on a call.

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