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caller id and number called on inbound calls,caller ID and called number on inbound calls

add both: caller id and number called on inbound calls for each user. Number called option is not working at this time


Can you add both, caller ID and called number on inbound calls in the same time?
Called number doesn't work at all at the moment

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Hi Mike, for incoming calls, it can show only two options. Incoming Caller ID displays the phone number of the person calling and Called Number, which displays the phone number that the person dialed.You may submit a feature request if you want this to be available. You can submit it in our Ideas Portal at

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Mike Cobzac avatar image Mike Cobzac mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you for reply, however, called number is not working for users at this moment, it works for groups only. And we can not have both Caller ID and called Number at same time for users, only groups have that option. I will submit it to Ideas as well, Thank you

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Mike Cobzac commented ·

If your users are having issue with displaying Called Number in incoming calls, please coordinate this with Technical Support so this will be checked. You may create a case online or call our Customer Support at 1-888-898-4591.

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