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How to handle two Bearer tokens (Store Manager & Super Admin)

So, I have a react application with a Node.js backend. Currently, my application allows franchise store owners (that have a role of Store Manager) the ability to login and has options for them to change their Call Queue Audio While Connecting and Hold Music. Obviously, as a role of Store Manager they are unable to do that which is why on my Node.js API I want to sign in as a super user account to process that call.

I've already attempted todo the following to process this call on the backend but my application doesn't allow the Password flow. So, I guess I'm wondering if something like this is possible in the first place or do I have to give the franchise store owners the ability to do this defined within their roles?

   username: process.env.username, 
   extension: process.env.extension, 
   password: process.env.password 
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What API do you call to handle changing call queue greeting audio. I believe that you can customize the "Store Manager" role with the required user permission to allow the user changing the settings.

Let me know the exact API so I can check and let you know.

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