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Email notification for RC App Messages no longer have the message content anymore.

"This is RingCentral App Support. This is about the email notification for RC App Messages that does not have the message content anymore. We got a confirmation with the Developer team that this indeed is now the expected behavior for New Message's email notification for security/privacy reasons."

Our firm, has been using Glip as their internal Instant Messaging platform and have built a lot of its culture and processes around it.
The only way for regulated firms to be approved to use Glip was that we were able to enforce the ability for all Glip messages to be sent via email "with" the contents of the message included. Compliance and Supervision processes for financial and regulated firms are always through email and they must be in near real-time. The export to JSON feature has little to know value for supervision...

Two weeks ago this feature stopped working and a ticket was submitted requesting assistance. Two weeks later I received the notice above that this feature has been discontinued. There has been no public notice of this from RC?
This kind of undocumented unplanned change is totally unacceptable.

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Hey, @marco-tassara - I know this is frustrating. I have connected with Garrett and it sounds like he is advocating on your behalf.

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Looks like Slack has the capabilities we need. Unfortunately, without any notice of these changes we are left in a non compliant state and will plan our migration by weeks end.

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