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Change Auditing/Logging
I'd like to request an audit/logging feature that will record who made what changes at what time. We have a couple admins and they do hap...
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User Group Manager: Call Log - View All Extensions Option
1. Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT) US 2. A brief description of the business Advertising, telemarketing 3. A high le...
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Reports: add more advanced filters
I would like a filter added to all report pages so i can remove all internal team calls, blocked calls, abandoned calls and Voice Message...
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User Settings: Backup settings
I want to backup all of my settings and greetings before I make some significant changes.  Best would be to be able to backup to a file o...
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Warm / Attended call transfer ID should reflect the current caller
In our company we use 'warm transfers' / 'attended transfers' as the de facto standard for transferring all our calls. We have noticed th...
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Call Handling - Direct Dial to Group
I am in the US.  We have five users.  We currently have our main phone number ring into a call group which sequentially goes through vari...
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See who made the changes?
Being able to see who made changes and when and what was changed would be a great admin feature to have. I am thinking of adding another ...
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Roles & Permissions: Add Additional Roles & Permissions
Roles & Permissions: Add Group Hierarchy to Roles  Account type - Canada Property Management Company with 150+ offices Ability to restri...
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full company call log view without ability to purge/modify
The ability to view _all calls_ (full company call log) is needed for managers and IT admins but not the ability to PURGE the data
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