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Reports: more advanced reporting options.
it would be good to have a report that shows individual and group usage of ringcentral for specific durations; daily, weekly, monthly rep...
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Billing: notification warning regarding minutes' consumption and usage
A reminder or notification that would allow user to know when their account's minutes are about to be used up. This would give the user a...
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A Portal or a site that will show the number of fax pages sent and received in a specific day or month
There should be a part on the online account to see the number of pages sent and received in a specific day or month. Also, a way to forw...
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Billing: see total account usage in admin portal
How do I determine the number of fax pages I have received/sent for the current month? past months?
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Call logs: contain column showing number of pages received in a Fax.
In the previous version of Ring Central, In the call log for faxes we used to have a column that showed number of pages that are received...
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