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Account type - We are a U.S. based Company.

A brief description of the business - Our company (Simon's Agency) is a Debt Recovery/Collections Service.

A high level description of the product or feature being requested
- The available roles in RingCentral are user and administrative. The limitation of these roles forces the creation of additional administrator accounts in order to allow these other individuals to perform their day jobs. This leaves the company open to accidental or unauthorized configuration changes to the company phones system.

Additionally user level, non-administrative, security/restrictions may also be beneficial.

A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature -
    Some typical uses would be to have multiple roles available to the administrator to allow for things such as:
    • IVR creation/modification
    • Phone Service  - This could be a module in and of itself or broken into sub-roles.
    • Phones and Devices - This could be tied to Phone service but some feature to allow/deny the ability for any admin account to make a purchase through the website.
    • Reporting role - many of our admins are admins just because they need to be able to see reporting for the company or their queue. This ties in with the Call Log. Call Floor managers need admin rights to view the Agent Call logs en mass and view calls and recordings.
    • Admin Role more designed around user creation/editing, Call monitoring setup/removal, Call Recording Setup/Removal, Company wide settings, etc.
    Additionally there are user level security enhancements that could be considered. For example users can, from the SoftPhone or the website click a button and delete all of their history. These calls do in fact stay in the Reporting Call detail but the recorded calls are deleted. An end user should not have the ability to delete a recorded call thus defeating the purpose of recording it in the first place.

    Benefit of such feature 
    - The addition of multiple security roles allows for more granular control of the product, reduces potential risk of error in configuration or purchases, and helps minimize the potential that a configuration error will impact the call flow or company image (if there is some form of configuration error that changed hold times or agent rotating times etc.)

    Include any related case number if applicable
    - I do not have any open cases on this but i did have to call RC regarding what we thought was an anomaly where an individual had no calls for a day. This is when we discovered that agents had the ability to delete their call history and thereby delete their recordings. This may not always be a malicious thing. In many cases that we have seen the agent is just trying to clean up their SoftPhone screen and do not realize the downstream impact. We had to educate them not to do this  but, to tag into the post i put up about audits, as an administrator, i have no clue if any user deletes any data therefore, unless i build a process to compare call detail export from the reporting module against the call log exports for a day, find some way to accurately link them up, and then look for discrepancies between them, I will never know what is not there unless we run into a scenario where the recording is required. This is of course how we came across the issue in the first place, a recording was required to validate a transaction and we could not find it for the agent for the day it happened.
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