As a customer, I should be able to call you from a RingCentral Phone and NOT have to recite my number or information.

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The nature of this request is not relevant to my business.  It's relevant to yours.  However:

1. US
2. Consulting
3. Use your own product (IVR)
4. Anytime I call you
5. Time savings
6. One (But it doesn't matter)

You have IVR.  I haven't dug into it, but I'm fairly certain you can intercept entered or Caller ID information and pass it to the rep.  So why aren't you doing that?

If I call you from my RingCentral Phone, it knows from the Caller ID who I am and skips one prompt.  Great.  But then you get to a rep and you're repeating the same information the IVR should have already known.  So either your IVR is broken somewhere and not properly passing this data and you don't know it, or you never programmed it to do this.  But why wouldn't you?

You're still asking to verify security questions, so spoofing isn't a valid excuse.

And extend this to your embedded chat.  I'm logged into your site, why am I repeating known information??

Just to put this in perspective.  If I call the local Dominos, they have my account already up and ready for orders including my history and notes.  I never have to navigate an IVR at all.  That's how it's supposed to be, and I'm suggesting that it should be with you guys given the technology you have and aren't using.

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Posted 8 months ago

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Absolutely agree - RC please drink your own koolaid and show what the technology is capable of.
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Anybody could call from somebody else's phone, and I never enter any information in the IVR that only I would know. It's more like a verification of the account. Therefore, I understand why they ask the security questions.
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First of all, I'm not questioning the security questions.  I'm questioning why I have to read out my phone number and my business when they already know those pieces of information.

Second, realize that RingCentral's system KNOWS when you're on their system making a call.  That's how your various soft and hard phones know to pick up a call in flight.  SO they have ways of detecting that you are truly on the phone in question.

Third, when I say IVR, it doesn't prompt you to enter your phone when you call from your phone.  It just says "company is this, right?" and you say Yes or press 1.  What I'm saying is, why am I then repeating those information pieces to a rep?  The IVR ALREADY VERIFIED IT.  A baddie can't do anything until/unless they answer the security question anyway - what I'm saying is, that's ALL I should be prompted for.

Fourth, your phone number and business name are PUBLIC RECORD, so your stance of "that only I would know" just solidifies why it doesn't make sense.

I don't care if you ask it because I'm calling from an unknown number like my personal number. I'm talking about when you're ON RINGCENTRAL'S CIRCUIT and the IVR has already verified that information, it's redundant to have to recite the same information to a rep downstream.