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I want to backup all of my settings and greetings before I make some significant changes.  Best would be to be able to backup to a file off of ringcentral.  I don't see where there are any ways to backup my configuration and greetings in any way.
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hank schleber

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hello hank schleber

It would indeed be nice if there were a simple way of backing up all of your information and configuration settings.  Unfortunately this is not a feature but you can backup any critical information using the links below. 

Download and/or export voicemailrecordings, custom greetings and faxes from your account. 

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Can be converted into Idea ?
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There really should be a nice interface that allows an admin to backup and restore settings based on a user level. Ideally a single button backup everything and save to a local file. Then allow a per user or per feature restoration.
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I've changed this to an idea topic if anyone wants to add more comments or details for our Product Team. 
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Having just migrated two offices to RingCentral from Cisco phone systems, I was spoiled by the ability to backup the complete phone system config and all the files for IVR menus, greetings, vmails, etc. and put anything back if either somebody borked part of the config or something got deleted. I was shocked to find out that RingCentral doesn't have any config export or backup function.

It could even be something simple like the XML import/export in the RingCentral IVR tool but we really should have something. Ideally, eventually like any other cloud service, there should be an API and/or web GUI function for grabbing all customizations or putting in pieces. The IVR tool is like this but only does the IVR menus.

Is there a way to escalate this as an official tracked feature request instead of just an idea note in an open forum?
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This needs to happen. What a great idea.
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Evan Stewart

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I agree this needs to happen.  We had a template applied Monday morning by someone at RC that reset Caller ID's on 100+ of our users.  Ability to restore would have saved a load of work for the Facilities and IT team, and avoided disgruntled users.  
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A backup would be great. It would be best if it was saved on RingCentral's servers but I'd settle for a config export as an XML file or as a last resort even a report printout showing the settings on all the screens(or fields). This would enable the admin to "test" implementations without the fear of never getting back to the original setup. It would be nice just to see your settings without having to drill down on each screen.

On a similar note (which may be best in a new thread), how about the idea of profiles? You would have specific configurations you switch to during holidays, vacations, or different users on call. This would enable you to easily switch back and forth between the configurations as needed.
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I would love to be able to review the backup data as well.  For audit purposes...  for example we have multiple admins and it would be great to see who changed what and when they did it.  SINCE that is not an option at the moment, to be able to see the settings are ensure that they are the same day to day would be great.
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Agree with Kevin Dorsey above... ability to download an XML config export would be great and pretty simple.  While I expect RingCentral has some backup processes, it would be nice to have user admin ability to keep copies as well. 
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I agree with 'Jason Sonon' and 'Kevin Dorsey' above - an XML file (or similar) would be ideal because:

  1. One of my extensions became corrupt where previously it had been working and without a restore it was a lengthy procedure with RC support's help to recover. Restoring a previous backup would have been so much easier.
  2. If the backup was in XML or other human readable format then it would provide some starting point for documentation of the system's configuration.
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Amrou Mohamed

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Backup and Restore of Phone System.

Not sure if this request came up before, but is there the ability to backup and restore our phone system configuration?
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Scott D

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This is an important feature, particularly for the phone tree and call routing, forwarding rules
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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-05-24 Mike Ferringer, or Saadet, can you get us a status update on this request?   

We have 1000's of users and many many custom IVRs, some of the IVR's are multiple leveled and no way to back these up other than screen shots presently. 

The call-routing details backups are really important. 
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Thanks for following up Saadet!
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You're very welcome!
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any update on backup option?
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Hi Alex, there isn't an ETA as of yet. We'll make sure to update this thread once we hear something! 
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An update would be great, it's been several months now.
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Jason Sonon

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I did notice it might be possible to script some curl statements or Python HTTP requests against this new API:

If everything is in there somewhere and it gets completely enumerated by the script logic, I support somebody with more spare time than I could write a backup utility to dump out the RingCentral setting configurations into a date-stamped ZIP or TAR for a given customer build. Perhaps a restore script could then be written to inject said configs back into RingCentral is somebody borks their settings. My take on that is why should we write something to backup RingCentral settings when it should be a built-in function.
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Jason Sonon

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I've not had a chance to tinker with the API ( ) or have my devs go at it. Is there perhaps a utility or SDK or script out there that already hits this API so we're not reinventing the wheel?