call queue should overflow if agents are available but do not answer

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Example: In group extensions, if there are 4 agents in the HR Group and they are available and none of the four answer the phone, then overflow rules should apply. If the overflow does not answer, then go to Group Voicemail for HR.
Currently the calls will go to the overflow queue when all agents are busy and unavailable. When there are available agents but are not answering, the calls will go to voicemail.
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Posted 2 years ago

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If the agents are not taking calls they should set themselves to a status that is not available. then it will bypass them and go to the overflow. 
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In an office when people are moving away from their desks to open doors, grab things from printers and moving around an office, this is not always practical when the call only rings for 15 seconds before going on to the next person.  For example, I just had to run back as I had not gone on DND and someone was calling, I missed the call and it went to someone else.

It would make things easier when there is only small groups with two or three members etc.
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Ben, under wait settings you can set it to wait as long as 5 minutes before transferring to the next available agent, if that is what you are talking about. 
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Hi Lee,

Sorry this will be a long one - I wanted to show a real world example from one of our customers - they have come from another hosted voip service and this is something they use a lot.

The call flow we have is as follows...

  • Customer dials main company number 020xxxxxxxx
  • Customer chooses option 3 for accounts department
  • Option 3 points to Ring Group Accounts (xtn 5003)
  • Ring Group 5003 has 3 people in it
Fred - 2020
Mary - 2025
Jane - 2019

The group is set to ring each person for 10 seconds and is set to Rotating.

In wait settings -
Wrap Up is 15 seconds at the end of a call
Max hold time before going to voicemail is 5 mins.
More than 10 calls in queue goes to voicemail.

We have an Admin Group (xtn 5009)
Rod - 2009
Jayne - 2010
Freddie - 2012
George - 2018
Peter - 2005
Meg - 2004
Stewie - 2002

So with this setup...
Fred has gone to reception to receive a parcel - away 10 mins
Mary is with the CEO as she was called in to explain something - away 20 mins
Jane is with a customer service adviser looking over an invoice - away 10 mins

None of these people were planning on being away from their desks for that long, so they did not put their desk phones into DND.

In this scenario, the Customer Experience will be poor as the caller will be on hold for up to 5 mins and then go to voicemail - the call will not overflow to the admin group who are all available and waiting to assist.

We cant add in the admin group members as they are only going to be message taking rather than dealing with the issue directly.

Hope this makes sense.
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No problem Ben, I think I get it. The idea would be to have an option in the Call Handling and Members, Overflow or Wait settings, to send to overflow after "x" number of rings and not voicemail. For now I think it would be a matter of training the employees to go to DND anytime they leave their desk, until something like that gets implemented. I can't see any other option. Hopefully this was helpful. Sorry I don't have a better solution for you. 
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Is there a status on this feature request?
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Hey Matthew, not at this time. If that changes, I'll post here :)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Phones should ring to overflow queue after ringing to main queue once.

OK, so it is VERY annoying that calls are not rolling to the overflow queue when people in the office easily forget to put "do not disturb" on their RingCentral app when they have to step away from the desk for a couple minutes. I wish it just went to the overflow queue after ringing to each of us in the regular queue once.
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